Competing in his seventh AAU Junior Olympic Games, Evan Pittman set world and national records in three different disciplines, and captained Jets Barbell to the national team title in powerlifting, All-sports combine and Feats of Strength at the 2015 Junior Olympic Games in Hampton Roads, Virginia, July 29 – August 8.

On his first day of competition, Evan won gold for the seventh time in Junior Olympic Games powerlifting, setting three world records while competing as team captain of the Jets Barbell National Team, based in Shreveport.  Two days later, he won Junior Olympic gold in his age group for the third time in the All-sports Combine, and won three gold medals in Feats of Strength events.

“The great thrill and honor for me this year was being named team captain for the Jets, and being able to offer encouragement to the younger athletes,” Evan said.

In powerlifting, he had a perfect day on the platform, going 11-for-11 in the 16-17, 148 lb. class — making all three lifts in the squat, bench press, and deadlift, plus fourth attempt world records in the raw squat (363 lbs.), and single lift raw and single lift equipped deadlift (443 lbs.).  He totaled over 1000 lbs. for the first time on the three lifts, lifting more than seven times his bodyweight.

Evan has now set world powerlifting records at every JO Games since 2009 in Des Moines.  The three records at this year’s JO Games brings him to 92 lifetime world records, spread over eight weight classes, starting at age 10.  He is training to become the only lifter in history to set 100 world records before finishing high school.

Two days after powerlifting, Evan won his third JO Games All-sports combine, setting national records in the repetition bench press, repetition power clean, and medicine ball throw, then competed in three additional Feats of Strength events, setting a national record in the farmer’s carry.

The Jets Barbell National Team captured the top team competition award in all four AAU Strength Sports – powerlifting, weightlifting, All-sports combine and Feats of Strength.

Evan has been asked to reprise his role as Jets team captain for the 2015 AAU World Feats of Strength Championships in Las Vegas in September.