Evan Pittman won his seventh world powerlifting title, setting five world and six national records with a nine-for-nine performance on the platform at the 2015 World Powerlifting Federation World Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 14th.

With the five world records, Evan now has 97 lifetime world records, and moves closer to his goal of becoming the first powerlifter in history to break 100 world records while still a high school student.  A list of Evan’s records can be found here:  Evan Pittman’s world records by the numbers

Lifting in the 16-17-year-old, 148 lb. class, Evan hit 170 kg on his third squat (375 lbs.) for a world and national record, 100 kg (220 lbs.) on his third bench press for a single lift world and two national records, then pulled 205kg (451.9 lbs.) on his third deadlift, good for two deadlift world and national records and a world and national record 475 kg. (1047 lbs.) total, more than seven times his bodyweight.  Evan’s third and final world record deadlift can be seen here: 205 kg deadlift

“I felt pretty good today,” he said.  “I had a cold the week prior to the world championships, but was strong enough to get all my lifts.  It has been a good week!”