During the week of December 20, 2015 World’s Strongest Violinist Evan Pittman played three holiday violin concerts, while also focusing on his powerlifting and springboard diving training.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, Pittman played a half-hour concert of holiday classics and old favorites at Morningstar Assisted Living Facility and the Phoenix Veterans Home, and on Christmas Eve, he joined the St Thomas the Apostle Children’s Choir for their Christmas Eve celebration of Mass.

Pittman closes out 2015 with more than two dozen nursing home concerts during the year, as well as numerous other public appearances, including playing the national anthem for major events such as Arizona Diamondbacks pro baseball, the 2015 Phoenix Veterans Day Parade kickoff, and a presidential campaign rally.   Altogether, the World’s Strongest Violinist played for more than 25,000 people in Arizona in 2015.

With an additional springboard diving training session and a heavy squat and deadlift training session on Christmas Eve, Pittman is preparing for a camp in Shreveport, Louisiana, where he will train for a week in Olympic Weightlifting at the LSU-Shreveport weightlifting high performance center with teammates from the Jets Barbell National Team and Jets’ head coach John Crofton.