World’s Strongest Violinist Evan Pittman became the youngest AAU Junior Olympic Games powerlifting judge ever on July 28th at the 50th Anniversary JO Games.

Recent AAU Powerlifting rule changes have allowed for state judges as young as 16, based on personal competency, and national judges as young as 18. Pittman qualified as a state judge as a 16-year-old, and, although not yet 18-years-old, has also completed the national qualification test.  Judging during both days of powerlifting competition, he became the youngest AAU Powerlifting judge to officiate at the Junior Olympics.

Several days later, he also served as an official for the Junior Olympic Games Allsports Combine, judging the bench press and power clean events for all combine competitors.

“Being at the Junior Olympic Games is a family ritual that we had observed for eight summers in a row, and there was no way I was going to miss the 50th anniversary games,” Pittman said. “Participating as a judge wasn’t quite as much fun as competing, in fact, it was more like work, but I loved being here for my team and seeing a different side of powerlifting.”

Pittman is now training hard for his senior year springboard diving season, and targeting the world powerlifting championships in November as the meet where he hopes to break his 100th world record.