World’s Strongest Violinist Evan Pittman recently took advantage of his college three-week winter break to return to Musicians on Call performances and play for multiple church services, and continue his springboard diving and heavy powerlifting training.

Arriving home from his first semester at college the weekend prior to Christmas, Evan immediately performed at three separate holiday masses, and at two additional Saturday 5 PM church services. He also performed twice at Phoenix Children’s Hospital with Musicians on Call during the three-week period; from early 2016 until he left for in college in August 2017, Evan Pittman was the youngest Arizona performer with Musicians on Call, the national non-profit that brings professional musicians to the bedside of ailing children, and he was pleased to return to performing for the children. In fact, during the holiday period, he also scheduled a Musicians on Call session in Boston at the Floating Hospital for Children.

As a competitive springboard diver, Evan trained multiple times during the holiday period on one-meter and three-meter boards with former Olympian and well-known Arizona diving coach Barb Nejman, and Nejman also congratulated him on receiving a U.S. Olympic Committee certificate as a finalist for the Jack Kelly Fair Play Award. Evan also trained five days a week on the powerlifts – squat, bench press and deadlift – as well as reworking his squat form with 7th Street Gym trainer Jake Elston.

“Coming home was a much-needed break for me after my first semester at college,” Evan said. “Being at home with family, training hard, performing my music, and hanging out with friends was the recharge I needed!”

Pittman returns to Brown University this week to continue training for his freshman Ivy League springboard diving season.