Evan Pittman’s campaign to raise money for combat-wounded vets surpassed its initial goal of $2000 in its first month, prompting the Phoenix, Arizona high school student to raise the goal to $5000.

“Today is Veterans Day,” Evan said, shortly after playing the national anthem at the kickoff breakfast for the 2015 Phoenix Veterans Day Parade.  “We’re raising our goal today from $2000 to $5000 today for the Lift for Heroes campaign.  I am deeply appreciative of those who have donated to the campaign thus far, and I am hopeful we’ll get to the $5000 mark by next summer.”

Evan devised and launched the Lift for Heroes campaign in October 2015 in conjunction with the Bob Woodruff Foundation to raise money for combat-injured veterans.  After reaching his initial goal of $2000 in less than a month, he increased the goal to $5000 this week.

The Lift for Heroes campaign (  https://www.classy.org/liftforheroes ) will raise money for organizations supporting combat-wounded vets through June 1, 2016, in two different ways:

  1. Donors can pledge money to encourage and support Evan directly in his goal to become the youngest powerlifter to break 100 world records; no powerlifter has ever broken 100 world powerlifting records while in high school or college.
  2. For donors who would rather set their own personal records, the Lift for Heroes campaign offers the opportunity to join the Lift for Heroes team and individually raise money for combat-wounded veterans through the Bob Woodruff Foundation.  This is a way for individuals to use their own personal physical improvement goals to raise money and awareness for wounded vets, many of whom are undertaking the long, painful road to physical and mental recovery.